Building Anti-Racist White Educators (BARWE)

Everyone wants the best for their students. As educators, we want to do our jobs well. We want to be fair, we want to promote safe communities, and we want to support all our students in every aspect of their lives.

We’ve created some tools to help you realize these goals that you already have. White teachers, even those with experience and compassion, can unconsciously cause pain to students of colour in their classrooms. We believe that through consistent study and reflection, we can slowly address our own unconscious biases and make changes so we can better support the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students of colour.

We want YOU to be part of a decentralized inquiry series to support teachers to better explore their own biases and improve their own teaching practices.

This Reading and Inquiry Series provides a monthly set of tools for learning, introspection and having conversations about issues of racism in our schools, classrooms and communities. We hope that through regular reflection and conversation, you can get better at recognizing and resisting your biases and the impact they have on your students and colleagues of colour.

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