What Newcomers need to know about credit

Are you a newcomer to Canada looking to learn valuable information on navigating the Canadian credit system and building a good credit score?

Join our online Information Session, presented by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to gain a comprehensive understanding of credit, including how to access it, build a strong credit history, and use it effectively.

Topics we will be covering:

– Common questions about credit
– Defining credit
– When to get credit
– What is a credit history?
– How to request a free credit report once a year
– How to view your credit score in online banking
– Why having a good credit score matters
– Four tips for building a good credit history
– Getting started with credit
– How to use your credit card effectively
– Key things to remember
– The RBC Newcomer Advantage

Don’t miss this opportunity. Register now! Spots are limited.

The event is finished.

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