Global Story Box

Global Story Box


The Global Story Box is a family-oriented resource for adults and children. It highlights the diverse culture of Saskatoon by sharing stories, activities, and items that reflect our local and global cultures.

The items in the Global Story Box tell a story that each student can explore to learn about another culture at their own pace.

The Global Story Box is also designed as a complementary tool for instructors to use in their classrooms to enhance students’ learning experience. The Global Story Box is vibrant and enriching, telling unique stories at different times and seasons.

  • Learn about different cultures through items contained in a box.
  • Learn about different cultures at one’s own pace.
  • Enhance and enrich the intercultural learning experience.
  • Gain a greater appreciation and understanding for other cultures promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Must be a refugee or permanent resident immigrant to Saskatoon, two years or less.
  • Willing and open to learning about the diverse cultures in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Criteria for Global Story Box
  • One box per client/household.
  • PR# will be collected from the recipient and members of their household where necessary.

If you are interested in the Global Story Box, please contact our team at interculturalteam@saskintercultural.org.

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