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Tea Time with SIA


Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (SIA) creates a safe and welcoming platform for respectful discussions and presentations on culture and history through various intercultural voices, perspectives, world views, and ways of knowing.

Virtual – Online Sessions
  • We host online sessions via Zoom, creating opportunities for a broader audience to participate in discussions on topics of interest that affect newcomers, Indigenous peoples, and all residents of Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • To inform, educate, and present different ways of knowing that bring about acceptance and understandings of different cultural perspectives.
Themes & Topics
  • Chosen based on local, national, and current international events and historical events, seasonal changes, significant and commemorative days, and worldwide cultural celebrations. These topics support SIA in maintaining program relevancy and the interest of our participants.
  • SIA gathers participant feedback that provides insights into their areas of interest and suggested topics and themes for future sessions.

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