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Intercultural Education


We see culture as dynamic, fluid, and blended, in the same way as food and languages. We acknowledge that our participants’ cultural identities are often multidimensional, contradictory, and ever-changing.

We aim to promote an authentic, deep engagement between cultures (worldviews, perspectives, histories) to value and make visible contributions of all cultures into what we consider Canadian.

Intercultural Education

Intercultural education teaches us not to display cultures as entertainment (dance, food, music, art) to be consumed by audiences without a proper context. We celebrate the diversity of cultures in Canada as a way to engage people with different forms of being in and seeing the world.

Through hearing multiple stories, we learn about diversity within diversity (i.e., sexual, functional, and religious diversity). We also learn to stop reinforcing the idea of otherness and inferiority of Indigenous and BIPOC people.

Cultures are not static. Thus, interculturalism is not about comparing two or more cultures. Interculturalism is about producing and creating intercultural projects that engage different cultural groups in meaningful and insightful ways.

Anti-Racist Education

  • SIA’s Anti-Racist Education features Crash Course (6 hours).
  • Anti-Racism Education Modules 1-3 (12 hours per module, 2 days each with 1 week between modules).
  • History of Racism.
  • Focus on Anti-Indigenous Racism.
Anti-Racism Crash Course

This course is an overview of what anti-racist practices involve and how organizations can start setting a map towards racial equity.

The course is typically scheduled from 10 am – 3:30 pm throughout the week, including a one-hour lunch break and appropriate breaks when needed.

Weekends are also available upon request.

Anti-Racist Education Modules 1-3
  1. Become further aware of the history of anti-racist education, including theories, methodologies, and key terms used when beginning the lifelong processes of anti-racism, both personally and professionally.
  2. Using the language learned in the first module, we begin to use our learning/relearning to identify spaces in our circles that require anti-racist perspectives.

After becoming aware and competent of anti-racist practices, we will begin your personalized map towards racial equity. You will:

  • Gain the language to communicate anti-racist dialogue in your organizations, communities, and other spaces.
  • Become an ally in genuinely responsible and accountable ways.
  • Get help in creating your map towards social and racial equity.

If you are interested in Intercultural Education presentations or Anti-Racist Education, please email our team at interculturalteam@saskintercultural.org, and we will get back to you shortly.

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