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LITE is a program where people look out for you and want you to succeed.

Let your LITE shine!

Are you looking for work? Or a way to give back to the community? What about being paid while doing it?

Learning Interculturalism Through Employment (LITE) is a paid program designed to help build confidence while looking for work. We will help you enhance your skills and abilities to gain and maintain employment, along with an appreciation for diversity and acceptance.

LITE focuses on self-development through learning to love yourself and discovering which path is best for you to follow.  We thrive on seeing you succeed and achieve your goals.

There is also a substantial intercultural component that highlights Indigenous education and true Canadian history.

Our next LITE intake is May 17, 2021. Learn more and SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION today!

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See what LITE Participant Jewel and LITE Employer Liza have to say about LITE!

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