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Pink Day: Be Kind and Be Someone’s Hero.

Pink Day: Be Kind and Be Someone’s Hero

Pink Day started in 2007, when a grade nine student in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, experienced homophobia and by being bullied by classmates for wearing a pink shirt to school. Taking notice, two students rallied their peers to send a message to the bullies. The next day, the halls were filled with students in pink T-shirts.

Pink Shirt Day encourages everyone to practice kindness and wear pink to symbolize that you do not tolerate bullying.

SIA is accepting of everyone as clients, staff, and communities. We take action to create welcoming and inclusive communities free from all forms of discrimination through anti-racism work, an internal 2SLGBTQ+ committee, an Indigenous Settlement Workers Committee, and policies and values that promote anti-discrimination while supporting diversity and interculturalism.

#BeKind #BeSomeonesHero #PinkShirtDay

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