Global Movement

The Global Movement Program runs in partnership with the Saskatoon Public School Division in which cultural performing arts will be made easily accessible to Saskatoon elementary school students. 

This program aims to unite youth of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through participation in a program where they will learn new skills and cultural knowledgetogether. 

Global Movement is a program that provides an opportunity for youth to learn about a variety of cultures, develop new friendships, and

increase their self- esteem while enjoying a healthy activity. Participating in this program will increase awareness of not only ethnic dance,

music and recreation, but it will also further social interaction amongst Canadian-born,

immigrant, and refugee students.

The Global Movement Program is always looking for new schools to participate

in the program, so contact us if you are interested.


For more information about the Global Movement Program, please contact:

Nafiseh Zamani, Global Movement Coordinator

(306) 978-1818, Ext: 223 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.