Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a free work-readiness program designed for people who have received some or all of their education and work experience from outside of Canada and want to gain Canadian experience in their area of training. Applications for the Program are accepted all year and intakes are held in February, May, and September. The Program consists of two major parts: an eight week in-class portion consisting of workshops on Canadian workplace culture, job search techniques, interview skills, and a variety of other employment-related topics.

Classes are tailored to individual participants’ needs as much as possible. Workplace Literacy classes are also offered four afternoons each week as a means to connect clients to the industry-specific language, phrases, and idioms they will come across in the Canadian workplace. Financial support is also available to each registered participant to be used for career enhancements such as enrolling in relevant courses, purchasing textbooks and supplies, or having their credentials assessed. Following the classroom section, there is an 8-12 week work placement, in which participants complete a volunteer internship with a company involved in the client’s area of training. Participants are able to gain Canadian work experience, demonstrate their skills to an employer, and network with other professionals in their field. Approximately half of Program participants remain with their work placement hosts as employees. For those who are not hired on following their placements, the skills they’ve learned and contacts they’ve made throughout the Program make it easier for them to find a similar paid position in the future.

If you are a potential candidate for the program click here for more information.

In order to apply, you must:

  • Be legally able to work in Canada
  • Possess a university degree and have received some or all of your education and work experience from outside of Canada
  • Possess a diploma/certificate from a technical/applied science institution or business college OR certification/experience in a trade and have received some or all of your education and work experience from outside of Canada (May group only)
  • Be unemployed, or not employed in your area of training
  • Applications are available in our main office or click here to download it and send it in by hand delivering, email, or fax.  

The next available Mentorship Program is scheduled to begin February 2020 and we are accepting

completed application forms. If you have submitted an application form,

you will be contacted by email with dates and times for Information Sessions. 

All new applicants must attend an Information Session in order to be considered

for the selection process for the next intake.

Thank you for your interest in Mentorship program.

For more information, contact Taryn at:

Phone: (306) 978-1818   extension: 220                                           

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Mentorship Program

Contact Taryn at:
Phone: (306) 978-1818 extension: 220

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