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ConnectED Pathways


ConnectED Pathways is an educational and recreational program for Newcomer children and youth.  Particpants will make new friends, learn more about life in Canada and build self-confidence, enhance their English language skills and much more! The program is delivered to ages 6 to 18.

The program focuses on:

  • Sports and recreation
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Culture and history;
  • Health;
  • Volunteerism;
  • Community Engagement;
  • Leadership;
  • Career exploration;
  • Schoolwork support; and
  • English language enhancement.
Who can join the program?

The program is open to immigrant and refugee youth between the ages of 6 to 18. Applicants must be a Permanent Resident, Protected Person, or Convention Refugee.

When will the program be offered?

The ConnectED Pathways program will typically run from the Fall to the Spring on school breaks and PD days (according to the school year calendar). 

We will provide a detailed schedule upon registration to the program.

Where is this program happening?

The ConnectEd Pathways program will run out of:

Bridge Ministry International Building

2410 Haultain Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7J 1P8

Is the program free?

Yes, the program is FREE! Participants will also be granted bus passes.

You will need to bring your own lunch, as food will not be provided.

Who do you contact?

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please email us at youth@saskintercultural.org or phone 306-978-1818.

How do you apply?

ConnectED Pathway registration opens Septempter 6, 2022 for newcomers ages 6-18.

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