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Culture Club


SIA, in partnership with W.P. Bate Community School, OUTSaskatoon, Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, and CHEP Good Food, will target 30 Indigenous and Newcomer vulnerable children from grades 1 to 8 at W.P. Bate Community School in Saskatoon to participate in the Culture Club.


The purpose of Culture Club is:

  • to create a safe space to bring together children from low-income families to connect and share pride in their culture through sharing a healthy snack;
  • learning about nutrition;
  • sharing their stories and culture;
  • learning about other cultures;
  • learning from Indigenous storytellers;
  • learning and practicing yoga; physical activity and recreation through playing games;
  • learning from guest facilitators from OUTSaskatoon, Indigenous groups like Young Thunder, and CHEP Good Food; and
  • Parents will be invited to nutrition and yoga sessions.

Currently not running due to Covid-19. Check back for new schedule.


Expected outcomes are:

  • Children’s increased physical, social and emotional well-being; and
  • Children and their families more engaged with the school and the learning community.

For more information about Culture Club, please contact Ryan Palik, Youth Program Manager, at (306) 978-1818 or email rpalik@saskintercultural.org.

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