About Us


We aspire to build an equitable community that accepts and celebrates all cultures.


To promote intercultural understanding and the retention of cultural identity and language to fully include Newcomers and Indigenous peoples in Canadian society.

Value Statements

  • We listen attentively and seek to understand before responding.
  • We actively facilitate opportunities to contribute to solutions.
  • We treat each other with respect, independent of status or difference of opinion.
  • We are confident and openly humble when working with others.
  • We are supportive of other people’s needs, aspirations, and limitations.
  • We are considerate of others’ situations and experiences, and work to accommodate their needs.
  • We are sensitive of others’ traumas and triggers, and tactfully approach difficult topics.
  • We show others patience, kindness, and understanding.
  • We encourage work-life balance through flexibility in management of time and commitments.
  • We provide a safe space to be innovative, creative, and family focused.
  • We are able to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and know we will be supported through our growth.
  • We focus on what is best, not who is right.
  • We foster an environment that allows everyone to feel safe, included, and valued.
  • We embrace diversity and provide equitable opportunities for everyone.
  • We recognize our biases and support each other in adapting and growing through them.
  • We believe in action and intervene when someone else is being marginalized.
  • We leave space for sharing and connecting through our different cultural and land-based knowledge systems.
  • We nurture our relationships with acceptance and understanding.
  • We celebrate successes and special moments, investing in our connections beyond business as usual.

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