Settlement Services

Settlement Services

Are you a newcomer? Welcome!

If you are a newcomer to Canada, you can get FREE services to help you settle in Saskatchewan. We offer tailored, friendly, and convenient support for newcomers from around the world.

Our Settlement Coordinators help with all aspects of the settlement process. We can help you develop personal tools and resources, identify programs and services, answer your questions, and guide you as you settle in your new community.

Contacting a qualified and knowledgeable Settlement Coordinator is the first step toward a successful settlement in Saskatchewan.

These services are provided through the federal Zone Settlement program and the provincial Settlement Services program.

Available Services

We offer initial and ongoing assistance, information, and personalized support for your needs:

  • Settlement Planning
  • Employment Service/Career Development
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Saskatchewan Health Card/Health Care/Medical Services
  • CCB Canada Child Benefit
  • GST/HST Credit
  • Saskatchewan Driver’s License/SGI
  • Housing
  • Banking/Financial Aid
  • Taxes
  • Shopping
  • Public Transportation
  • English and French Language Classes
  • Schools/Kindergarten/Daycare
  • Wellbeing/Emotional Support
  • Community Organizations/Social Life
  • Referrals/General Advice/Cultural Norms
  • Cultural and Leisure Activities/Recreation

    …and much more!

In addition, we offer Pre-Arrival services to ensure your settlement process is as comfortable as possible. Connect with us in the weeks or months prior to your arrival and you will receive important information to better understand life in Canada, and gain knowledge of the public services and resources within our community. We will provide answers to common questions about your new home and orientation on topics of interest to you.


All newcomers within 200km of Saskatoon are eligible for our settlement services!

Some conditions might apply. Contact us to learn more!


Contact your Settlement Coordinator to get tailored recommendations and trusted, comprehensive information to help you through your settlement journey. We will support you every step of the way!

Call us at (306) 978-1818 or email us at settlement@saskintercultural.org. 

You can also drop in to our office – a warm welcome awaits you.


If you are interested in settlement services, please fill out the application form below.

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