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Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (SIA) has developed an extensive network of intercultural artists and performance groups that reflect their unique and distinctive cultural heritage and traditions. We promote and engage artists in traditional and contemporary styles through a wide range of multidisciplinary art forms.

These presentations are shared through workshops and public performances for SIA’s intercultural programs, community celebrations, special events, and corporate engagements coordinated by SIA and presented in Saskatoon for over 40 years.

Benefits of being a member:
  • As a valued member of SIA’s Intercultural Arts Network, you receive first-hand opportunities to participate in intercultural arts performances, presentations, and special events.
  • Receive an honorarium for your participation.
  • Free marketing and promotion of the artists or performance groups through SIA’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Eventbrite.
  • Opportunities to network with Saskatchewan-based artists and performance groups.
  • Receive previews and feedback from our clients, participants, and audiences.
  • Must be an intercultural performing artist or a performing arts group based in Saskatchewan with the ability to travel.
  • Must provide an electronic press kit that includes a biography and photographs of the performer(s). Video clips are also encouraged.
  • Must complete the Intercultural Arts Network registration form.
  • Pay an annual membership fee of $25.00 for individual artists and $50.00 for performance groups.

If you would like to book a performance group or become a member of the Intercultural Arts Network, please contact our Intercultural Team at interculturalteam@saskintercultural.org.

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